Lottie Moon



GOAL: $55,000


LOTTIE MOON: 35% - $19,200

NORTHERN THAILAND: 34% - $18,650




- CRACE SCHOLARSHIP: 13% - $7,150 - LM/GC Offering provides partial scholarships for people who are sharing the gospel on short-term national and international trips throughout the year, along with miscellaneous mission needs. 

- G2G MISSIONS: 4% - $2,200 - LM/GC Offering provides support for family mission trips.

- ANNIE ARMSTRONG: 4% - $2,200 - LM/GC Offering provides support for church planting, 

benevolence, disaster relief and missions efforts across North America. 

- GRACEPOINT (BILLINGS, MT): 4% - $2,200 - LM/GC Offering provides support for a Church plant in Billings, Montana. 

- NEXT STEP: 2% - $1,200 - LM/GC Offering supports our Next Step partnership that ministers to benevolent needs in our community with food boxes, clothing store, work program and classes such as “Jobs for Life” and “Faith and Finances”. 

- LIBERTY ASSOCIATION: 4% - $2,200 - LM/GC Offering supports our cooperative efforts with our sister churches in our region to serve together in missions, leadership development and church strengthening and revitalization. 


Pray with us during the week of Nov 29 - Dec 6

We will also be praying live on facebook and youtube every night this week at 7pm CST.

  • Sunday, nov 29

    Doug Derbyshire in Thailand

    Doug Derbyshire goes to many places in Thailand with no Christians and no churches, and it troubles him deeply. But the lack of a gospel witness in Baan Po troubled him the most. Derbyshire is a medical doctor with the International Mission Board who serves in Thailand with his wife, Cheryl. He’s doing what Jesus did: taking care of the sick and preaching the gospel. 

    For the past six years, Derbyshire has faithfully and persistently visited Baan Po—trying every method and means for sharing the gospel. He’s brought medical teams from the U.S. to host mobile clinics. He’s tried every evangelism technique he knows. He’s knocked on doors, asking if people are interested in hearing the gospel. The message is either ignored, rejected or accepted initially and then abandoned. 

    “Baan Po probably affects me, burdens me, more than the other places, because after all the times I’ve been there, the time I’ve invested in them, there’s still no church there. No one honors God. No one gives Him glory. No one praises Him. There’s no group of believers that gives Him glory,” Derbyshire said, closing his eyes and clasping his hands together in a praying position.

    PRAY none of the new Christians would fall away from the faith.

    PRAY those who have yet to decide will choose to commit their lives to Christ.

    PRAY for the formation of healthy churches in Baan Po.

  • Monday, nov 30

    Zagreb, Croatia, radio ministry

    After living in Croatia for more than 22 years, missionary Eric Maroney understands why some people describe life and ministry as difficult in this part of Europe. He has witnessed the reluctance of people to believe the Truth of the gospel and has endured the skepticism toward evangelical churches. Only one Baptist church stands in western Zagreb—an area of 250,000 people—where Eric’s team lives and works.

    As a church planter, Maroney, who serves with his wife, Julie, looks for new strategies to share the gospel.Giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering supports his efforts. In 2014, when a Brazilian ministry partner pitched the idea of a radio ministry, Maroney saw it as a part of a larger strategy to spread the gospel and connect seekers with local congregations.

    “We approached the local radio station, Radio Martin, and they were willing to host us, despite the fact that the station is affiliated with the Catholic church,” explains Maroney. “The first contract was for two 15-minute programs Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Over the years, as we’ve developed a relationship with the station director, we’ve been able to negotiate for lower fees and have moved to a live 45-minute program on Wednesday and Friday evening recorded at the radio station.”

    PRAY that more national partners will choose to be a part of sharing the gospel across Croatia.

    PRAY that more church plants will result from the radio broadcast ministry.

  • tuesday, dec 1



    Throughout its 175-year history, Southern Baptists have maintained an uninterrupted witness among the nations, in spite of famine, war and civil unrest. This commitment has not come without sacrifice.

    Approximately 60 missionaries and children have died due to violent circumstances while serving with the International Mission Board (formerly the Foreign Mission Board) since the organization’s founding in 1845. The causes include accidents such as drowning, automobile and aircraft crashes, and ships lost at sea. They also include deaths as a result of war and criminal or terrorist acts. In some cases, the missionaries were targeted specifically because of their faith or missionary service.

    Of those 60, more than 20 FMB/IMB missionaries lost their lives “as a result of human hostility in a cross-cultural setting,” said Scott Peterson of IMB’s global research team.

    THANK GOD for the men and women who, with their children, have traveled to the ends of the earth to share the gospel with those who have never heard.

    THANK GOD for the uninterrupted witness of Southern Baptists among the nations for 175 years.

    ASK GOD to continue to protect missionaries and their families serving in cross-cultural and often difficult areas around the globe.

  • wednesday, dec 2



    The small group of men boards a single-engine Cessna. After a little more than a two-hour flight, they land on a small airstrip deep in the Amazon rainforest. From there they board a boat and settle in for the ride. Their destination, an isolated village of a tribe called the Akawa*, is still more than seven hours away.

    If this conjures memories of Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn battling mosquitoes and heat in the 1951 film “The African Queen,” you wouldn’t be too far off. Four times a year a group of IMB missionaries and their local partners board a small plane, then a small boat that will take them to the Akawa, an unreached tribe the team began working among in 2018.

    Like many tribal people groups, the Akawa are animists who live in fear of the spirits that inhabit the world around them, said Joe Brewster, an IMB missionary who works with the small tribe.

    PRAY for Joe, Edwin and their teams as they share the gospel with the Akawa.

    PRAY that many members of the Akawa will come to faith in Jesus.

    PRAY that new Akawa believers will gather into groups and start churches.

  • thursday, dec 3


    Naivasha Children’s Shelter, Kenya

    Hundreds of thousands of boys sleep on the streets in Kenya. These children are marginalized, beaten, sexually abused and arrested. Many Kenyans regard these children as worthless and not to be trusted. Kenyans call these boys “trash eaters.”

    International Mission Board missionary Kristen Lowry and the staff at the Naivasha Children’s Shelter in Naivasha, Kenya, see the value and worth in the life of each boy. They seek out these boys and bring restoration to families and rehabilitation to broken lives.

    Kristen’s first interactions with the street boys of Kenya took place in 2009 while she was on a photo assignment with IMB. Throughout the assignment she followed Eunice Murage, a Kenyan woman, as Eunice worked in the streets with the boys. As Kristen witnessed the boys’ living conditions and the way they were treated, she prayed for God to send someone to help them. Six months later, God called Kristen to work with the boys in Nairobi, Kenya.

    PRAY that Frances and other boys like him will find new life in Christ.

    PRAY that as the boys are reconciled with their families, the families will also find hope in Jesus.

    PRAY that God will bless the work of the shelter’s staff as they reach out in love to boys who are hurting.

  • friday, dec 4


    Worthys in Italy

    The Worthy family recognizes the importance of investing in relationships in the Italian culture. For more than 17 years, Charlie and Shannon Worthy have invested their lives and ministry in Italy as IMB missionaries.

    They describe the spiritual climate of Italy as ambivalent. Italians are warm, loving and open people; however, they don’t know they need a Savior. Evangelical Christians in Italy number roughly 1%, and most Italians are nominal Catholics at best.

    By immersing themselves fully in Italian culture, the Worthy family has made connections on a deep, personal level. As they live life as an American-Italian family in Italy, the Worthys are pushing back the darkness and bringing the hope of the gospel to those who don’t yet know Jesus.

    PRAY that the Worthys will continue to build strong relationships in Italy.

    PRAY that many Italians will come to faith in Christ as a result of the Worthys’ witness.

    PRAY that new Italian believers will gather into churches to reach the people of Italy with the gospel.

  • saturday, dec 5


    UPG from South Asia

    Twenty years is a long time. That’s how long it took to establish a gospel presence among a Muslim unreached people group of 10 million in South Asia.

    Ministry among the people group stalled for a number of reasons. IMB workers attempted to move to the region but were unsuccessful. Other families moved to the area, but they too had to leave for various reasons.

    After years of setbacks, Luciano and Sofia Serrano*, a Christian couple from Brazil, moved to the region. The Serranos are partnering with Ralph and Lovie Adair*, IMB workers who live in a neighboring region.

    Shortly after the Serranos’ arrival, Sofia and a local Christian led several women to the Lord and are discipling them.

    The region where the people groups live is known for its large Christian population. Despite the presence of Christ-followers in the area, many Christians are afraid to share the gospel with Muslims. Many have doubts about whether Muslims will choose to follow Christ because they have historically been resistant to the gospel.

    PRAY local Christians would be bold in sharing the gospel with the Khaleela.

    ASK for discernment for the Adairs and the Serranos as they share the gospel and train local Christians.

    PRAY the Lord would send more Christian workers to partner with the Serranos and Adairs.

  • sunday, dec 6


    Thank you to Southern Baptists

    Every day is appropriate to say “thank you” to Southern Baptists who give generously so that the gospel spreads to all nations. In this season of giving — the Lottie Moon season in many churches — showing appreciation seems especially meaningful. This year missionaries have met unique challenges, as you also have, from the global pandemic caused by the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Even as the world continues to find a new normal, our missionaries want to say a special word of thanks to you for remembering them, for praying concertedly, for giving sacrificially.

    In March 2020, IMB missionary Reid Karr’s church was unable to meet as the Italian government had already restricted gatherings. A baptism planned at Karr’s church took place in a bathtub and was shown online to the rejoicing church. Because of your giving, Karr and his family have been able to stay in Rome and continue ministry.

    PRAISE GOD for the continued work of Southern Baptists who have remained committed to reaching the lost for more than 175 years.

    ASK GOD to send more individuals and churches who will be committed to the vision of reaching all nations and all peoples with the gospel.

    THANK GOD for sustaining the work of missionaries through all circumstances, including the most recent global pandemic.