Calvary Baptist Special Called Business Meeting

Sunday June 2nd 2019 – 11:05 a.m.


New Business Item


Glasgow Christian Academy Board of Directors has asked our church in April to consider housing the school for the next two academic years with the lease being one year at a time, as they enter into a period of transition that includes finding and relocating to a new campus.  Our Church Council has discussed their request at length and now along with the Trustees want to present this request to our church family for your consideration.


Please find below Questions and Answers (Updated May 22) to help you consider this proposal.


1.  Why has GCA decided to relocate?

  • GCA is capitalizing on their assets by selling their property and looking for a better, more cost efficient campus that will meet their needs.  This will allow them to continue to offer biblical worldview education to the families in our community.
  • They need a temporary campus while they go through this transition.
  • As our CBC family considers this proposal it is important for us to respect GCA’s autonomy as a Christian ministry just as we want them to respect our autonomy as a church.  Therefore, we should not disclose their business that some of our members may know, nor should we disclose our business to them.


2.  Which buildings and areas does the school want to use?

  • GCA would like to use the Student Center, A building classrooms, Kids building, preschool rooms and adjacent parking lots and foyers.
  • GCA would be mobile and portable not to crowd or clutter our education space for our activities.
  • GCA will not be using our worship center for their regular, daily activities.  They will use it at years end for graduations or special occasions like a Christmas program, as they have for the past several years. 
  • GCA will not be bringing furniture, boards and any items that will detract from our rooms or campus.


3.  What will GCA be responsible for if we allow them to use our facilities?

  • GCA will provide their own custodian to keep the facilities clean and not to put more work on our custodian.
  • GCA will provide their own liability insurance that meets our insurances and trustees standards.
  • GCA would pay $30,000 annually to: (which allows them to take a significant step toward their balanced budget)
  •  have the floors professionally cleaned, (approx.. $2,500 annually per Stanley Steamers)
  •  have the inside of the buildings they use painted, (approx.. $10,000 per Cook Painting)
  •  pay for the utilities they use (approx. $14,000 per TVA = 1/3 of our total utility cost)
  •  the remaining balance of the $30,000 (approx. $3,500) will be considered donation, lease and or contract payment.
  • GCA will make 10 equal payments of $3000 July-April each year that will be designated for their utilities, carpet cleaning and painting.
  • If the cost of utilities, paint and carpet cleaning exceeds the $30,000 GCA would be responsible to pay for the extra expense.
  • Having GCA on our property will actually provide a greater level of maintenance and up keep to the buildings they use because of the financial resources designated for the upkeep.




4.  What effect will leasing our property to GCA have on our normal, daily and weekend activities?

  • Our church family will need to be willing to share space and be gracious hosts throughout the entirety of this process.  Besides this, our service and regular daily activity should not be altered.
  • GCA will need to work diligently to provide all of their day-to-day needs and not assume the church will provide for any of their daily program needs.
  • Our church activities would have precedent over GCA activities.


5.  How will leasing our property to GCA affect Phase 2 of Calvary’s Master Plan?

  • It will not affect Phase 2 of our Master Plan.  When our church family is ready to proceed with Phase 2 it will begin.
  • Paying our regular monthly mortgage payment, we will be ready to start construction of Phase 2 of our Master Plan in the spring of 2021, 24 months from now.


6.  Can we re-evaluate our commitment to year two at the end of year one?

  • Yes, while GCA has asked for a two-year period of time, our commitment would be one year at a time.


7.  How many students and faculty will be on our campus each day? 

  • Approximately 120 people will be on our campus Monday-Friday.


8.  Who will draw up and execute the lease agreement?

  • If our church family chooses to allow GCA to use our facilities our Trustees would have a legal lease agreement written and have the Board of Directors of GCA sign the lease agreement.
  • GCA is a 501c3 tax-exempt ministry that is incorporated. CBC is a 501c3 tax-exempt ministry that is incorporated.  One 501c3 can rent from another 501c3 especially if they are in the same type of non-profit status.  Renting to GCA will not jeopardize our status.


9.  When will we actually vote on this recommendation and will there be more time for Q and A?

  • The special called meeting is scheduled for June 2nd 2019 at 11:05 a.m.
  • There are 2 additional times that are scheduled for Q and A, the first is Wednesday May 22, 2019 from 5:00-6:30 and again on Wednesday May 29, 2019 from 5:00-6:30.
  • We encourage folks with suggestions about the rental agreement, or anything else to contact any of our Church Council or Trustees.  Pastor Randy, Brian Pickerel, Justin Browning, Kevin Flynn, Scott Harper, Todd Belcher, Ricky Martin, Nick Poynter or Trustees Troy Clopton, Joe Austin, Larry Matherly or Garry Tennyson.
  • Traditionally we have reserved the ballot for the call of Senior Pastor, and the selection of Church Council and Deacons.  We will do a show of hands when the question is called for.


10.  Do we consider this a ministry opportunity, business opportunity or burden?

  •        It is important to remember that we have had a great partnership with GCA through the years that is reciprocal.  We have supported them through our Great Commission offering and many of our families have helped with donations or fund raisers, which has been greatly appreciated.  GCA has helped us educate several of our children and families from Calvary, they gave us Wednesday night space and VBS space while we were going through our renovation, they allowed us to do an Upward season there one year, they allow many of our families to use their facilities for little league practice or gym time, and they have hosted us for the past several years for Operation Christmas Child.
  •        Our leadership looks at this as a ministry opportunity to help a ministry that is in need.  In doing so we are not only aiding the families at GCA that are not members here but also helping the 16 families, 22 students that are members here. 
  •        Everything we do at CBC as a faith family should be considered ministry for the Glory of Jesus’ name.  By God’s grace we have helped to launch or joyfully partner with many Christian ministries in our community and around the world.  Why should we stop now?