unreached people groups

Unreached groups lack enough followers of Christ and resources to evangelize their own people. Join us in praying for a different people group each week. Below you will find links to each people group. These links will provide you and your family with details about these people.


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6th- Reddika People of India

13th- Xiangxi Miao People of China

20th- Anglo-Australian people of Papua New Guinea

27th- Western Tunebo people of Columbia


4th- Mzab people of Algeria

11th- Bavarian Austrian people of Italy

18th- Northern Yemeni people of Saudi Arabia

25th- Deaf Congolese people of The Democratic Republic of the Congo


1st- Lintang people of Indonesia

8th- Pingdi Yao people of China

15th- Khmer Krom people of Vietnam

22nd- Wolof people of Mauritania

29th- Brunei Malay people of Brunei


6th- Nagekeo people of Indonesia

13th- Bolla people of India

20th- Han Chinese people of Pakistan

27th- Mambai people of Timor-Leste


3rd- 119,000 Deaf Afghan people of Afghanistan

10th- 1,805,000 Bedouin Arabic people of Iraq

17th- 166,000 Kalmyk-Oirat people of Mongolia

24th- 200,000 Khorasani Turkish people of Iran

31st- 1,900,000 Polish people of Brazil


7th- 793,000 Chhattisgarhi-Badhai people of India

14th- 29,000 Agul people of Russia

21st- 2,800 Pankara people of Brazil

28th- 350,000 Bharadi people of India


7th- 395,000 Deaf German people of Germany

14th- 158,000 Ko people of Benin

21st- 225,000 Mashan Miao people of China

28th- 2,600 Tupinikin people of Brazil


4th- 100,000 Tai Leng people of Myanmar

11th- 198,000 Georgian people of Russia

18th- 177,000 Deraf Moroccan people of Morocco

25th- 500,000 Mandar people of Indonesia


2nd- 57,500 Coyaima people of Colombia

9th- 5,900 Atikum people of Brazil

16th- 170,000 Malayali people of Oman

23rd- 117,000 Riffi Berber people of France

30th- 723,000 Thuana Rapjput people of India


6th- 478,000 Turkmen people of Iraq

13th- 115,000 Selayar people of Indonesia

20th- 763,000 Shina people of Pakistan

27th- 100,000 Serbian people of The United Kingdom


4th- 600,000 Manggarai people of Indonesia

11th- 107,000 Bahraini Sunni people of Bahrain

18th- 1,045,000 Hindi-Speaking Jain of India

25th- 180,000 Southern Tati people of Iran


1st- 100,000 Akkin people of Russia

8th- 291,000 Gujarati Kenyan people of Kenya

15th- 201,000 Mamba people of Chad

22nd- 120,000 Deaf North Korean people of North Korea

29th- 480,000 Albanian people of Italy